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Type: Volunteering
Ages: 2-80yrs
Cost: Volunteer your time with us!

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Volunteer opportunities are available all year round.

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Address: Orchard Post Office P.O. Box 080 Singapore, 912303


Caring for Cambodia (CFC), provides a free education for over 6,600 impoverished children in 21 schools spanning pre-school to high school. At CFC we believe that when we make a difference to the life of one child, we make a difference to the life of an entire community.

Get involved with Caring for Cambodia! From volunteering just an hour of your time, to joining an event, raising funds, collecting supplies to a full service trip for yourself or your family to our schools in Cambodia, there is a place for everyone to contribute to CFC!

We have many opportunities for children to get involved too and many make lasting personal connections through service trips to our schools and school pen pal programs.

Whatever your background, we are confident that you and your children have a skill to contribute. Volunteering with CFC can be a life-changing experience, and every hour you are able to give directly impacts the future of a child.

The Source

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A Parent's Perspective

I am a mum of 2 boys (6 and 8), and 18 months ago, we were new to Singapore. Once my boys were settled into our new life, it was time for me to try and have something to focus on without committing to a full time job just yet. A friend introduced me to Caring for Cambodia (CFC), and I was hooked! For an NGO to not only be able to educate over 6000 children at 21 schools in Cambodia, but to do it all through donations and volunteers astounded me... I wanted to know how I could help!

It has been an amazing journey, not only for me, but for my whole family. My children have sat with me unpacking toothbrushes and toothpaste for the schools in Cambodia, and more recently, our family visited one of those schools in Siem Reap for the "Food for Thought" program. We woke up early to get there, and as a family were able to see the children arrive to school and hand out bowls of breakfast to them. My boys watched children just like them, brush their teeth at school, and wash their hands before having breakfast at school, and it has led to some awesome conversations. About other countries, why some children don't have basic hygiene items (which seem to magically appear in the cupboard under their sink!). However, most importantly for me, it has led to conversations about being grateful. Grateful that they have an education that mummy and daddy can help with. Having clothes, and food, and a bike to play with. This life that we are blessed with comes with so many 'ups', that I want my children to realise that there have been many 'downs' to get here too, and that working hard and staying humble is what will get you far.

The one thing that is always mentioned with charity work is how 'selfless' it is. I don't quite agree with that. To take time out to do for others and show compassion is such a kind thing to do, but for me, it has been utterly rewarding and amazingly uplifting too. Helping other's makes me feel so good, I also do it for my own happiness too.

As Parents, We Love...

  • The warm community spirit I feel between the volunteers. There's always a cup of tea and a chat to be had over making hygiene kits, or unpacking toothbrushes.
  • The impact that CFC and its volunteers have on so many children's lives.
  • The opportunities they provide to allow volunteers to visit Cambodia to help on site, and also to be able to see first hand how they are making a difference.

Our Children Love...

  • Unpacking toothbrushes and toothpaste and recycling the waste.
  • They love seeing mummy happy and enjoying doing things for CFC.
  • Helping other children, especially when we went to Cambodia to visit one of the schools.

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