Amazing Trekkers Club


Type: Sports, Wellbeing
Ages: 5-80yrs
Cost: There are different levels of memberships available - please enquire.

Useful Dates

Training and fitness sessions run year round with different activities available to help you reach your individual goal.
Treks are scheduled year round locally, regionally and internationally and are open to all members.

Contact Details

Address: Takes place in a variety of locations across Singapore
Telephone: +65 9009 0653


Amazing Trekkers Club is an exclusive mountaineering community tailored for women with a strong passion for trekking and women's issues. We are for women of ALL fitness levels.

Our story began with a group of friends who trekked together but found that there was no single community designed around the needs of female trekkers. Amazing Trekkers Club was born from our collective experience in organising women-only treks and we aim to help women trekkers in three simple ways: PREP, TREK, CONNECT.

If you're looking for meaningful experiences just a holiday, join Amazing Trekkers Club.

We also organise Mother & Child bonding adventures

The Source

Behind the scenes access with unique parent reviews

A Parent's Perspective

I have really enjoyed being part of Amazing Trekkers Club. The combined draw of nature, exercise, socialising and bonding with other positively minded women is what keeps me engaged and excited.

I have always been interested in outdoor activities and hiking, but had no time and did not know how to fit in my interests into my schedule in a way that my family is not neglected. Amazing Trekkers Club's multitude of training options, which you can drop in and out of to suit your schedule, mean I do what I can and when I can.

Amazing Trekkers Club organises amazing trips locally, regionally and all round the world.

As Parents, We Love...

  • Taking exercise, in nature and with fantastic women!
  • The many options to walk, hike, trek, train throughout the week
  • The range of incredible trips to join - I wish I could do them all!

Our Children Love...

  • The encouragement and support from all the mums and other children we walk with
  • Going on an adventure and making new friends
  • Achieving something I wasn't sure if I could do

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